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An Overview


A bar that has everything… Our front room (formerly the Kettle of Fish) maintains its historic roots to old Greenwich Village. A gallery of Village faces, in photographs and paintings line the walls, documenting the bar’s history since the 1950’s.

Wooden booths and antique lighting give the bar its lived in, comfortable feel – informal and friendly. For entertainment, there’s pool, darts, mega touch, juke box (when the D.J. is not playing), and two free Internet terminals.

The back room, hidden behind the curtain is a spectacular lounge. Oriental rugs, Moroccan lanterns and the remnants of the buildings original 1880’s windows (now bricked) set the tone. The music – choice selections from the greatest artists of Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and the entire world – set the backdrop. And, if there’s ever a “best lounge seating” competition, this place will win. Antique couches, a full-on throne, and other plush places to plant yourself fill the large space, forming a variety of cozy conversation pits. This is the last thing you’d expect to find on one of the most touristed streets in the Village.  All this with some of the best 10 ounce Martinis in the city, and you can see why CitySearch chose us as one the top 10 bars in New York.

We go all out to make sure our customers have a good time and are happy. If you want to set up a table for you and your friends, just contact us HERE!