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Drink Reservations

Make A Half Price Reservation or Reserve a Table

Fat Black Pussycat Reservation Information:

Fridays and Saturdays we do not offer 1/2 drinks, however if you make a reservation we will arrange to save you a table or couch.

Sundays through Thursdays we offer half price drinks for parties (up to 15)
who make reservations.  This is how it works:

1.  Make an online reservation on our reservation page (click the link
at the list bottom).
2.  You will receive an email confirmation with a barcode.
3.  Print your email and give it to your server when you are seated.
4.  Make sure you conform to our dress code.
5.  Your discount can only be used once, and your entire party must run a
single tab.
6.  Please remember, for everyone’s good, we cannot serve you if you are
7.  Although your drinks will be half price, we hope you will be generous
to our servers, and tip on the normal price of the drinks.

Make A Reservation